As an additional service to our clients, we also offer a consignment service. This would allow you to sell your collection back to collectors, often at a significantly higher price than if you were to sell to a dealer (or us).

We are one of the top sellers of stamps on Ebay. As such, we can get top dollar for stamps that the major auction houses deem too low in value for entry in one of their sales.

Here are the general guidelines we use for selling material on consignment.

  • All items (or groups of items) must have an expected selling price of at least $25 so items may have to be grouped in order to meet that minimum.
  • Our commission is 10% of the selling price with a minimum of $1.00 per lot.
  • We make the determination as to the lotting of the material.
  • The consignor (you) pays for all costs associated with the listing. This includes the listing fee and eBay's commission (but, not Paypal's take).
  • We will handle all administrative facets of the sale (mailing, etc.)

All sales are tracked in an Excel spreadsheet and you would receive a report of the items being listed for you before they sell and after they have sold, along with the prices they sold for and commissions for each item. You would, then, be free to bid on your own items (of course, if you buy the item back, you would still be responsible for the commission)

Note that, unlike other sellers, we do not have a high starting price or reserve price on anything that is offered. We just let the market determine the price.

If you have items that you would like us to sell on your behalf and they meet the above guidelines, feel free to send them to us. If you have any questions about this plan, please feel free to contact us.

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