Southwest Stamps is entirely owned and operated by Gary Goldstein. I have been in the stamp business on and off since 1975 when my father   and I started a fledgling stamp business in New York. We did many local shows and, occasionally, some of the bigger shows in and around the   New York area. In 1977 (or so) I began to delve into the stamp auction business under the name of Gemini Stamp Co. and was in partnership   with my brother for two years. We soon parted ways and I continued the auctions under my own name until about 1982. While I didn't run   auctions for the next few years, I continued to run Mail Auctions and sell via price lists. In 1985 I stopped selling stamps altogether and   concentrated on my family opting instead for a steady paycheck in the business world.

Fast forward to 2000. I had moved from New York to Las Vegas in 1986 and decided to dabble in stamps once again by offering a few items on   eBay. I started with a meager $500 investment to test the water and bought a few things at an auction. When I saw the potential for running a   full-time stamp business again, I began buying and selling more and more until I was able to quit my day job and focus entirely on the stamp   business. In 2002, I registered the name Southwest Stamps in Nevada and the company was born. Several years passed with the   company slowly building. Then, in 2005, my wife, Cheryll, and I made the move to South Carolina. We both quit our jobs and began to focus   entirely on the business. I decided not to change the company name as I felt the Southwest Stamps had a nice ring to it plus I didn't want to   have to change all my advertising ads with a new company name. In August 2006, I decided that it was time to open my own website and see if   it would do as well as my sales had been doing on eBay. I was very happy with the sales that the website had generated. So, I pulled most of   my listings from Ebay and added them to my Website inventory. In 2007 I continued the expansion of business by opening a store on   StampWants (now Bidstart). I was just looking to expand my customer base. I then had websites at (3) locations. It was not always easy trying   to keep up with the sales from all (3) sites and managing the inventory on them. Especially considering that I had the same inventory being   offered in multiple locations. That was becoming a nightmare to manage and the main reason I decided to discontinue selling stamps directly on my website.

Our next big change came in the spring / summer of 2008 when we moved here to Iowa. Why Iowa? Family reasons.

So, here we are. From a $500 start-up investment back in 2000 to the full-time business it has grown to.

And that is the brief history of Southwest Stamps. I hope you can find some nice stamps for your collection.


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